Made from premium high quality single source fresh frozen, sourced from local craft cannabis farmers, and crafted with only water, ice, heat, and pressure to give you a solventless and pure true to strain full-spectrum experience.

100% solventless extraction method with no chemicals, no distillate, no BS… the purest form of strain specific cannabis concentrate. 

Muha Meds’ extraction method gives you everything the flower has to offer from the terpenes to the taste, to the full spectrum effect all packed into a convenient ready to use device.


Papaya Live is a famously unique indica and an in house staff favorite. Users will note the terpene profile as a perfectly crafted citrus combined with earthy undertones. Noteworthy Terpenes included are Humulene and Myrcene which bring out its citrus like flavors. After smoking this, notable effects will include relaxation, euphoria, and good vibes.


Chemdawg OG also known as “Chemdog” has developed a name for itself throughout the years, known by all veteran and new smokers. Known for its distinct diesel like flavoring and earthy sour undertones. The terpenes that specifically highlight its potent flavor include Limonene and Alpha Pinene. This hybrid will bring users to a calmed, happy state. Best paired with a lazy day or arts and crafts.


GMO is a well known classic heavy hitting hybrid. The intense funky terpene profile which notably includes Myrcene and Limonene are unique with piney, pungent kush notes. An enjoyable scent to you or anyone around. The effects from the strain are known to include calming, creativeness, and sleepiness to users.


Enjoy a Muha Meds Mimosa without having to worry about the hangover. The flavor is similar to the bottomless brunch drink, our Mimosa tastes like citrus fruits with hints of sugars and honey. The potent flavor stems from its Beta-Caryophyllene and Beta-Pinene terpenes. Striking effects from this sativa include happiness, energy, and overall relaxation.


Tropical Runtz is a delicious Indica that is a combination of two famously known strains, Tropic Truffle & Runtz, and we perfectly handcrafted this into a disposable. Tropical Runtz has a vibrant flavor that balances the tastes of tart and sweet. The terpenes included that bring out immense flavor are B-Myrcene and Geraniol. This indica will bring users to relaxation, feelings of happiness and put you to sleep after a long day.